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Mothers Day Treats

Mothers day – The one day a year that is especially for Mums. This year whether you are pregnant and being dragged through the mill with morning sickness, insomnia and not forgetting the cruelty of forbidden foods lists. Or like me you are already a mummy for the first time; tomorrow is your day and it should be celebrated with a day of well deserved R & R (Rest and Relaxation) No Excuses! So pop the kettle on, put your feet up and have a read of our Mother’s Day home spa experience for Bumps and Mums.

Creating your very own Mummy Spa is a must for mother’s day. Firstly you need to get your bath filled, pour some This Works Energy Bank Bath Oil into the tub with a perfect blend of safe oils it will give you that much needed lift. Especially if the Sleepless nights are catching up with you. Light your favorite candle at the side of the bath – we recommend the Neom Organic Range of candles, as they just smell delicious!

Once your all shriveled up like a prune, its time to get out and Slather your body in a luxurious body cream such as the Exotic Frangipani Monoi Body Oil by Elemis. Elemis has produced a range specifically for mums-to-be and Mums and it is literally amazing! I used it when pregnant and not a stretch mark in sight for the whole 9 months and I was BIG! Last stop is a facemask and we recommend Dermoligica’s Skin Refining Mask, this is a great one for those spontaneous breakouts you might experience while pregnant! O The joy of hormones!!

So Whatever the time of day it is, or you have chores coming out of your ears. We don’t give a scooby doo. Tomorrow is your day and It’s an order for you to relax and get those feet up.

Happy Mothers Day X