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Paranoid or Reassurance?

It’s hard to even imagine how parents went on before modern technology kicked in. Baby monitors have gone from strength to strength since I was a baby. Not sure how my parents even coped, as I know I spend many a nights staring at my video monitor, watching Jasper’s every move and the flickering green light from his sensor pad.

Some may think sensor pads are an unnecessary luxury purchase for a healthy baby, but I disagree. Without my Tommee Tippee sensor pad monitor I do think I would be as paranoid as if I were not to have a monitor at all. Although I do check on him A LOT through out the night there is something reassuring turning over in bed and seeing he is OK. I can even talk to him through the monitor from another room! How cool is that!

Although sensor pad monitors are not cheap by any means, if you’re considering buying one, I say go for it, you will not regret it.
There really is only two monitors on the market that have my vote as the best ones around.

Tommee Tippee digital video monitor


Angelcare baby movement monitor



Make-up bag must haves!

Not only are diamonds meant to be a girls best friend, but so should be your make up bag! Especially after labour! Below are my make up stables to go from scary Mary to yummy mummy in approximately 5 minutes! You tube video to follow… Maybe!


Mac Mineral Powder – £21.00 from Mac

Chanel Bronzer – £31.00 from Selfridges

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara – £18.80 from

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat  – £25.00 from

Benefit Brow Zings (transforms any face) – £23.50 from Benefit

Bourjous 1.2.3 perfect – £10.99 from Boots

Bourjous Black Eyeliner – £4.99 from Boots

Benefit erase paste – £19.50 from Benefit


Not my usual kind of post, but this is something I had to share to receive your views. As I attended my antenatal classes (will not name and shame) I had not a Scooby doo what to expect, or what they offered. All I could imagine is Ross from friends sitting with his ex-wife and her new lesbian partner, practising breathing techniques… Actually some of that episode relates to this.

Anyway, I signed up for a six-week course in a nearby town. I took Daisy my birthing partner with me, and after we had passed the initial five minutes of explaining Daisy and I were not in a relationship, we continued to attend the classes up until this point…

Sat at my computer, I received an email from a different teacher who took the breast-feeding class the night before. It read…

Hi Daniella,

it was really nice to meet you and Daisy on Monday night. I didn’t want to ask in front of the others, but I wondered whether Daisy had thought about breastfeeding your baby too? I realise she will think I am completely mad, but some same sex parents like to both share the breastfeeding. It is not something that is easily achieved, but can be with lots of support when it is something that people really want to do.

If you are interested in finding out more, just let me know.

Warm wishes,
There is absolutely nothing that could follow an email like this, aside from HOW!!!!!! so please leave your comments below and let me know your views on this sort of assumption…

P.S On the up side this gave my friends and family a giggle for weeks! 🙂

Shower My Baby!

Baby showers are becoming more and more popular in the UK, Traditionally a close friend or family member should organise this event for you as its a day for mums-to-be to be showered in gifts, eat cupcakes and celebrate your up and coming arrival. Whats not to LOVE about baby showers!!

If your in need of some ideas, look no further. We’ve put together some of our favorite baby shower moments, to make your baby shower-planning a breeze.






Support when needed…


You may be familiar with the term Postnatal depression, but what about Antenatal Depression?

Most pregnant women will have their ups and most certainty have their downs whether they have a partner involved or not. Stress, tears and anxiety come with the territory, but with depression effecting up to 15% of mums-to-be, the risk of developing depression throughout your 9 months of pregnancy varies from woman to woman. A number of things can contribute to feeling depressed but being single, feeling alone and even severe morning sickness can be a factor. Recent research shows that a rapid increase in our hormone levels at the beginning of pregnancy can disrupt brain chemistry, which can also lead to you feeling low also.

Below are some of the common risk factors of antenatal Depression.

  • Personal or family history of depression – If you or a family member has previously suffered with depression you could be a slightly higher risk of depression.
  • Relationship difficulties – relationships are never easy, whatever your relationship status when pregnant, it can be very easy to feel detached from the people you love whether it be a partner, a friend or a family member, you can sometimes feel like you’re the only pregnant woman in the world and no one understands you. When possible talk to a pregnant friend or someone who has been pregnant so they can relate to your feelings.
  • Fertility treatments – If you have planned your pregnancy and gone down the fertility treatment route, it can be just stressful as a unplanned pregnancy, financial worries, anxiety about losing the pregnancy and the stress of fertility procedures can all contribute to depression.
  • Stressful day-to-day life – a break up, moving home, new job, financial worries are day-to-day stresses when you’re not pregnant. If you have a lot going off in your life at once, take a break. You have a little life growing inside you which needs his mummy to be on top form for not only his health but also your own health is just as important.
  • Past history of abuse – women who have suffered with emotional, physical, sexual and verbal abuse may have low self esteem, a sense of helplessness and feeling of isolation all of which can bring on depression throughout pregnancy. Painful memories can arise and with hormones taking over your body you may feel loss of control, which may mirror the helplessness you experienced when you were abused.
  • Age –  Feeling alone throughout pregnancy especially if your friends have finished with their baby making or not even started is common. One thing you need to realise is that you are not alone and you have plenty of support whether it be from your midwife or a school support worker there is always someone around to lend an ear to listen.

It can be hard to determine what are normal feelings in pregnancy and what is depression as many of the signs mimic pregnancy symptoms. At its most severe, antenatal depression can even result in women having a termination, then bitterly regretting it when their symptoms subside. Chronic anxiety, feeling isolated, irritability and sadness are just some of the symptoms of depression.

Daniella X

If at all you feel you may be suffering from depression of any kind don’t be scared to contact your GP, Midwife or even me HERE . We also have a support section, which you can find HERE which has all the contact numbers you need.


 We all need a little luxury in our lives, and being pregnant is no exception not to look FABULOUS… Today’s pick of the day, has been hand picked for the ultimate designer maternity look perfect to go from day to night….


7 All Mankind Jeans – at Blossom mother and child you can find them HERE

Zara Shirt you can Find HERE

Annoushka Pendant you can find HERE

Keepin your Bump Style Working Out!


So, if you have decided to give the whole exercise thing a whirl, the next question is, what on earth do you wear? Fret not your maternity fashion fairy godmother is at hand. Whatever exercise you decide to do, the chances are you will need some new attire. First things first, its important you feel comfortable and not to overheat, Try to buy clothing in soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton and jersey. Dress in layers so it’s easy to peel off a layer or two after you’ve warmed up, or if you feel too hot.

First Trimester

During your first trimester you may not need to invest in anything clothing wise, as your belly might not be that big yet, besides if like most, your pregnancy symptoms may start to kick in at this stage, so any kind of exercise is usually off the cards till after 12 weeks. But if you do one thing – invest in a decent pair of trainers and get your boobs measured. A fitted sports bra and trainers that fit will set you on your way to becoming fitter during pregnancy.

Second Trimester

The pot belly is now turning into a proper baby belly, which means you will now need to start investing in some clothing to exercise in. Leggings you wear on a day-to-day basis can also fill the roll of exercise leggings, as does that oversized vest you have tucked away your drawer. If your not quite there yet with the maternity clothing and swimwear just buy non-maternity wear in a size or two bigger, until you get to the 6 month mark you should be ok to do this unless your having a multiple pregnancy and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Third Trimester

In your last trimester some say this is when it all starts to go a bit wrong. Up until you reached the milestone of six months you probably can not imagine getting any bigger WRONG you will get bigger and bigger and bigger until the little one decides to make an appearance so with your growing belly, your boobs will grow along with your bottom so its now time to bring out the big guns and start looking for maternity wear. Go for a bra fitting and buy another sports bra, as this will be your saviour. Your most likely feeling fed up and pounding on a treadmill isn’t your idea of fun right now, but if you can manage a little exercise, this is the time swimming works great for you, So go buy your self a maternity cozzie, and reap the benefits of swimming.

Shhhhh secret Mummy Tip

Invest in Trainers and a good sports bra. As pregnancy progresses buy a bump band to help you’re back with your ever-growing bump.

Have a look at our sister Blog – Style My Bump for our must have sports bra’s here.