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Learning to Love your post pregnancy body.


Learning to Love your post pregnancy body, is all about loving your inner self first. Stretch marks, weight gain and water retention, is all part and parcel of pregnancy, and your not alone in this, and to be honest beating your self up about something that only you probably notice is normal, what you need to do is see the bigger picture. You have given life to this tiny person; you are a blessed and you are a beautiful yummy mummy. OK, so your tummy wobbles, big deal, its not forever and look what you have achieved!

Thinking positive is the main factor in loving your post pregnancy body. But starting with a little exercise and creating a healthier diet is not only good for weight loss but will give you more energy and a boost, and with the sleepless nights you will need the extra boost. Next, give your self a little pampering, have a spray tan as everything looks better with a tan! paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, you’re a mummy not a hobo so there is never an excuse to let your self go however tired you are. Put the maternity wear away and throw the leggings out! trust me you’ll thank me for it! If the thought of squeezing into your pre-pregnancy jeans sends shudders down your spine, buy your self a new pair, just a cheap pair, so you have something that has a button not a stretch waist band.

Next your make up, I’m not talking Lady GaGa, But just a little mascara and conceala will do the trick. This will make you feel and look better. If you have your hair high lighted, see if you can get an hour or two off mummy duties and get your self to the salon, you’d be surprised what a few flashes In the hair can do! If not dry shampoo will become your best friend the next few months!

And most of all, Remember You’re a beautiful yummy mummy and trust me your doing great.

Maternity Brand Crush!!


Gosh I wish I had found this baby when I had my bump!!!

Slacks & Co was born in 2009, On the company’s website it states the Brand’s Philosophy is clean-cut Tailoring, chic maternity basics and comfortable styles for pregnancy and beyond, and boy couldn’t they be more right.

The brand already has an ever growing Celebrity following including Danni Minogue to name a few, and with most styles taking you from day to night I can see it being quite a big hit with most pregnant ladies, why not take a look at their website Slacks & Co and grab your self a bargain in their sale or something new for the winter 🙂

For Your Baby!


Packing your bag is one thing but what about the new teeny weeny edition that has just made his or her arrival. First things first, you will need a Car Seat! You will need to transport your very special cargo from A-B so its vital you have one of these with you.

The outfit that your baby will travel home in! This needs to be super duper special, It will be the first out fit your baby will wear, so you are bound to treasure it forever. Choose wisely.

Baby Grows! You can pick these up almost anywhere that sells baby stuff. Pack at least Five in two different sizes.

Sleep Suit! If your having an over night stay, this is a must, and again in two different sizes.

Newborn Nappies! After my sanctuary towel incident it is vital you have these packed! And pack at least 10!

Cotton Wool must be packed! You wont be able to use any products on your babies skin for a few weeks, just water. Cotton wool is perfect to give your baby a soft and quick wash.

A hat! Babies take a while to adapt to their new environment, after being all cosy in Mummy’s tummy for the last nine months. So they will need protection from the different elements. Plus they always look very cute in a hat!

Blanket! This will need to be very soft, very Luxurious and very beautiful. Whether you choose a luxury cashmere or go for a more practical brand like Aden + Anais as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did for Prince George, Just be prepared this blanket will probably be with your baby for a long time so it will get very dirty and will most likely need frequent washing, So dry clean only is probably not the most ideal. Shop around.

So there you go, our list of baby essentials to bring your new born baby home in comfort and style. Pack this bag and your bag four weeks before your due date, and always make sure someone else knows where it is, to prevent sanctuary towel incidents.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck ☺

Your Hospital bag!

Having being efficient enough to purchase all the essentials for my baby bag at 30 weeks pregnant you would of thought I would have been organised enough to pack them… well I wasn’t, so when my waters broke at 37 weeks, and with a quick dash to the hospital minus my hospital bag, it resulted in my 25 year old brother and 68 year old father bringing sanctuary towels instead of nappies, I kid you not. So this has inspired me to give you a realistic list of all the things you will need for your hospital planned birth.

Ok first things first, do not under any circumstances forget your maternity notes! This is single handily the most important thing that you should pack.

Next, Your mobile phone! So you can let your boss and the guy you met five years ago in a bar,  that you are in labour and how much it hurts, with your constant Facebook updates and tweets. O and to call your loved ones. God forbid you run out of battery so don’t forget your charger.

This is not the time for Victoria Secret, so leave your lacy white negligee at home for this. Instead invest in a cheap nighty or an old t-shirt. Birth is not for the faint hearted, there will be a lot of blood and once your waters have broken if like me 15 hours before you actually give birth you will be very wet, so don’t expect to keep whatever you decide to give birth in. Slippers and socks are always a good idea for your stay also.

Other items you may want to include when you’re packing for the birth are –

• Lipbalm
• Waterproof mascara
• Camera
• Hair Bands
• Water Spray
• Flannel
• Make up remover wipes
• Deodorant

Trust me after you have given birth you will want a wash. Don’t be using anything on your bits and pieces just water will do, But for other areas in need of a quick wash, invest in a mini bottles of whatever tickles your fancy, boots have a fantastic range of mini bottles. As for your hair, If you’re an in and out job, Dry shampoo and a brush will do the trick until your back at home.

MASSIVE PANTS and MASSIVE SANCTUARY TOWELS! No one tells you, well they didn’t tell me! That after the birth, your blood loss is like something from a horror show! Load yourself up with pads to save on any little accidents, especially is you’ve have had C-Section you will be glad for your Bridget Jones’s!

A MASSIVE Maternity bra and pads are a must! My boobs swelled twice the size of my baby’s head which I was not expecting and were shooting out milk like something from Austin Powers, so be prepared for the unexpected!

Clothing wise Id recommend comfort over style, you will still look pregnant and be incredibly uncomfortable so leggings and a vest will be probably all you will be able to cope with! Although when I left hospital I felt soooo Thin, I could of skipped out in a Bikini…being deluded is also something you may experience after birth!

So there you go, my little list of essentials for you to think about when packing your hospital bag. Your baby bag essentials to follow…

Perfect Maternity Jeans


Finding that perfect maternity Jean that offers both style and comfort can sometimes be a little tricky, especially when your probably just coming to terms with your growing belly. So I have taken all the hard work out for you, and given you what I see as the Top 10 maternity jeans on the market today (in no particular order) From Premium to affordable, skinny to boot cut, I really have located the best of the bunch. Enjoy.

1. Asos – Elgin skinny Jean – £28.00

I just LOVE this jean, You literally cannot fall out with it. Fab colours, two leg lengths, cotton-stretch over bump waist band and incredibly stylish, whats not to love? With the winter approaching these will be fab tucked into your UGG boots. Amazing Price at £28.00 this one gets my only 10/10

2. Topshop – Black Leigh Jean – £38.00

If your looking for a Fab black skinny jean, look no further than this beauty. Topshop have used a very soft denim for these Jeans so you are sure not to be uncomfortable. They come in a ray of colours so if black isn’t your thing you have a few more options. 7/10

3. Gap – 1969 skinny Jean – £44.95

If your wanting a casual but flattering Jean this is the one for you. With two great washes on offer you wont be stuck with things to go with them. Worn with wedges or flats these jeans are very versatile. Love or loathe the under bump style, it works with these jeans. Not to pricy either. 7/10

4. Babes With Babies – The Lovely Love Jean – £69.00

The Cut and wash is very flattering on these Jeans, A little bit on the pricy side but If your wanting just one pair of Jeans to take you through your pregnancy then its worth the investment. Over the Bump design, very flattering and very comfy. 6/10

5. Seraphine –Slim leg Jean – £52.00

The slim Cut and the dark denim wash of these jeans really do make them terribly flattering. The over the bump style is the ultimate comfort when it comes to maternity Jeans, but you can roll it down if you prefer the under bump style. Although quite pricy you can justify the price with the stretch fabric. These jeans will be with you from start to finish and can be dressed down with flats but look great with heels. fab Jean. 9/10

6. Boden – Skinny Jean – £59.00

Love boden for childrenswear and Love Boden for Maternity wear! These jeans are just lovely, nice and stretchy, great wash and just a good all rounder. Worn with flats or boots this jean will take you from day to night with ease. 8/10

7. New Look – Skinny Jeans – £19.99

Coming in at a smashing price of £19.99 these jeans are a great wash, great fit and I cant really fault them if your wanting an affordable, stylish pair of jeans to take you from 3 – 9 months. Buy online or in store. 8/10

8. Asos – Ridley Skinny Jean in Electric blue – £28.00

If your looking for something other than your standard blue denim Jean, Ive found this beauty. Still Blue but in a fabulous electric blue which would look fab with a white t-shirt, and brighten any outfit up. I’m only giving this a 5/10 as I know multi coloured denim isn’t every bodies cup of tea. 5/10

9. Mama’s and Papa’s – Tomboy jean – £34.00

This is the Jean if you go for comfort rather than style. With the under bump style it is not without comfort but it does lack in the flattering stakes. Having said that this Jean is fab if your just looking for an easy casual denim, and at £34.00 not to badly priced either. 6/10

10. JoJomamanbebe – Bootleg mid wash jean – £29.00

These are a more of a “mumsy” fit shall I say. Not very fashionable or stylish but very comfortable and a great wash. Plus they are stretchy so if your just looking to buy one pair of jeans this might be the one. 4/10