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Eating out… What to choose!


Being pregnant and eating out can cause all sorts of confusion especially when you don’t have control of the kitchen. Ive put together some options for you to choose when your out and about. If I’ve missed anything out that you think should be added, please contact me via Twitter, Facebook or simply comment 🙂


Unfortunately if you’re a raw fish sushi lover, its bad news when your pregnant, and a no go area. Instead choose vegetable or chicken based sushi.


Aside from the obvious goats cheese pizza, you will find Italian food is ok to eat in moderation.

Coffee Shops

Caffeine should be limited to just one cup of coffee and two cups of tea a day when pregnant. So if you cant live without your daily latte and shot of expresso, just limited yourself to one not several 😉


With the old wives tale stating that spicy food brings on labour, best stay away from anything too spicy, especially if your in your third trimester. If possible only choose vegetable based curries also to avoid the risk of uncooked meats and food poisoning.


Stick to rice or noodles, steamed vegetables and lean meats or fish. Avoid deep fried Oriental foods such as egg rolls that can be higher in fat and calories. Prawn crackers as far as I’m aware are also OK if consumed in moderation.


Kate sparkles in Gold!

The Duchess made her first red carpet event since having baby George look effortless last night. Stunningly beautiful as always, Kate glowed as much as her dress shimmered. Without a hint of a mum tum the dress suited Kate to perfection. Take a look at some of my favourite snap shots from last night and share your thoughts on here or via Twitter 🙂


Bump and Me The Ultimate Yummy Mummy-to-be Guide to Pregnancy.



Wonderfully witty, this iPhone App covers the journey from conception to delivery and everything in between. Boasting ultra modern 3D foetal development images and a clever kick counter, this app is a reliable resource for every expecting mum. Bump and Me is on hand with fabulous fashion tips that you can browse in the style section to learn how to dress your bump as your body changes. With fantastic fitness and nutrition advice, mums to be can refer to the app for meal inspiration and more at the touch of a button.

Bump and Me is a refreshing change from the bog standard pregnancy app and doesn’t sugar coat the challenges that await. The creation itself was developed after the founder’s search for an app or any information that catered specifically for single mums-to-be returned zero results.

Designed for those that do and don’t have the luxury of leaning on a partner, this pocket guide will ensure you never have to ponder pregnancy related queries alone.

Daniella Moncrieff, Founder and author of Bump and Me states ‘The idea of Bump and Me came from a situation I unexpectedly found myself in. In the early stages of my pregnancy I split from my partner and suddenly found myself pregnant and single. Throughout I felt very vulnerable, judged and alone. When it came to seeking a guide to help me throughout my pregnancy The Books, the Internet, the Apps all mentioned a partner somewhere along the line, I found nothing that just solely focused on The Mum-to-be and your baby to which I had a light bulb moment and then Bump and Me was born.’

All researched and written throughout Daniella’s Pregnancy, the App really does leave no stone unturned. This App fills a bump shaped gap in the market and acts as a go to guide for every part of your journey.

You can DOWNLOAD the APP from FREE (usual price £1.99) from the ISTORE.

VIP Information


Once your wonderful bundle of joy makes his or her arrival, trust me you will want to share your news with anybody that will listen…I even invited the postman in to gush over Jasper. No joke!!! Anyway, so the logical thing to do would be to have a baby announcement card designed that you can send out to your nearest and dearest. Ideally within a four-week window of your mini persons arrival, the cards should go out.

These can be plain or arty farty whichever tickles your fancy, I chose a template from PhotoBox and designed my own.

The following should be applied to a card

– A picture of your baby (if you wish)
– Full Name
– Weight
– Date of Birth

If your in the same boat as I was when designing your baby announcement cards and struggling with what to put when it comes to mentioning parents, I simply wrote –

Welcomed with Love, By all his family and his Mummy, Love from Daniella X

Below I have picked out some of my favourite designs to help you out.

lovevsdesign-birth-announcements3 quick original_GIRL 1

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