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Storage Must !!

Ok, so I’ve finally got round to sorting out Jasper’s baby clothes! And yes, as you’ve properly guessed I can’t let anything go! As space is a little bit of a problem for me, Storage is an even bigger problem, so after a visit to good old Ikea, say hello to the DIMPA storage bag!! And let me tell you Its perfect! At £3.75 it won’t break the bank, It doesn’t take up as much space as a box and if Mary Poppins did storage bags, this would be it… I keep on filling it yet it never seems to be full ! Its fabulous! Ive popped a wee link HERE  for you to take a look for your self 🙂 Happy Filling!



EEEEEEK my body is changing !!!!


Your body will change in many weird and wonderful ways over the next 9 months, some beautiful… some not so quite! So aside from the obvious growing belly, bottom and thighs, you may experience some other unexpected changes whilst your pregnant which may come as a little of a surprise – starting with a dark line on your tummy called the linea nigra. Linea nigra is a dark line that runs from your belly button down to your public line and some women may experience it from just under your bra, it is more common in darker skinned women but I’m blonde and blue eyed, and although I go quite dark in the sunshine I certainly would not say I’m dark skinned, so always expect the unexpected! But the good news is, that it will go away and mine completely disappeared about 5 months after I gave brith!

Next comes the Veins!! A mixture of pregnancy hormones along with increased blood volume, cause those tiny, squiggly red or purple capillaries otherwise known as spider veins to spread out and become more visible during pregnancy.  They can appear anywhere so a little tip would be to invest in a good concealer.

Other body changes through out pregnancy include skin tags, stretch marks, pigmentation, heat rash, itching, piles, bigger, and darker aureolas and cellulite…. But don’t be too alarmed, as after delivery most changes will disappear in time.

Anything you experienced during pregnancy please share below 🙂

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Preggers Celeb Watch!!


Spotted today looking fabulous is Katie Piper, katie is thought to be around six months pregnant and is wearing a gorgeous dress from Tiffany Rose. Katie has chosen to wear the Willow dress with a leather jacket, giving it that casual twist. But this dress could be quite easily worn for a special occasion, just throw some killer heels on, and a sparkly clutch, and you will sure be the Belle of the occasion 🙂

You can Find the willow dress HERE from Tiffany Rose.


Pregnant And Glowing…


Your face during pregnancy will go through so many changes, some noticeable some not so much. The most common being the “pregnancy glow” although changing your life style to a much healthier one whilst pregnant can help the “pregnancy glow” which is actually an old wives tale. The facial shine has a biological basis. Increased volume of blood may cause the cheeks to take more of a blush and On top of this increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen. Whatever the reason for it, it is one of the best changes of pregnancy.

A good facial wash and Moisturiser can do wonders for your pregnancy skin. I found the Nivea range was fantastic and won’t break the bank. I still use it now! You can find it at all supermarkets plus places like Boots & Superdrug.

Generate.ashx Nivea-Visage-Rich-Moisturising-Day-Cream-11804.jpg?o=Ps4eBf2Lvd1xYzgWP5kb5$yWRh8j&V=gPAu&w=250&h=250&r=2&q=80

 If your wanting to spend a little bit more, then look no further than the Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser, toner and moisturiser. You can buy it from HERE


 Some may find brownish or yellow patches appear on the face this is called chloasma (also named the mask of pregnancy) although it can appear anywhere on the face the most common areas are on the forehead, upper cheeks, nose and chin. You can blame your hormones for this one.

A good BB cream will mask imperfections – this Garnier one is brilliant. Again can be found at all supermarkets.


You probably thought your teenage spotty days were over, while pregnancy acne is rarely as severe as that of adolescence, you may need to return to some of your teenage cleansing rituals  and masks to clear up your skin.

 Having attended a TempleSpa party when pregnant and trying out this face mask, I can honestly say its fantastic! Left my skin feeling fresh and clean and looking super clear! You can find it HERE


If your suffering from sleepless nights, Puffy eyes might be a little bit of a problem for you. Well look no further that Clinique Eye Serum – Containing Caffeine, antioxidants and soothing botanicals, this product will refresh, brighten and hydrate puffy eyes! You can find it HERE


Anything you wish to add to this post please leave your comments below 🙂

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A-List Style

With all the fabulous dresses at the Grammy Awards last night, it has given me inspiration to share a post on how to dress your bump when you have a black tie, Wedding or even an A-list bash to attend! Suprisingly you don’t always have to search for maternity dresses, as long as the dress has stretch, you could get away with wearing a non maternity dress quite easily. Ive found some fab dresses online and I’ve showcased them below.

If you have any tips on dressing your bump for a glamorous event please share in the comments below 🙂

img_0202Prodiga Beaded Neckline Dress – £590.00

DR152-CBL-0ZZZ_1Isabella Oliver Maxi – £179.00


Gorgeous Couture Harlow dress – £174.00


Tiffany Rose Valencia – £199.00

Signs Of Labour


When its time for your baby or babies to check out of Hotel Mum do you really know what signs to look for when that moment arrives? Well below Ive listed a number ‘labour signs’ to look out for.

Your Waters breaking

Don’t panic. Your not in a Hollywood blockbuster so if your one of the 10% of women who’s waters break before labour begins no need to get yourself in a whizz. All you need to know is that as your baby is no longer protected there is a risk of infection, call your maternity unit for advice, what to do next. You’re looking for a sweet smelling, pale straw colour liquid that you cant control. If the amniotic fluid is smelly or discoloured or if your losing blood, call your midwife immediately as this could mean you and your baby may need urgent attention.

Regular contractions

When you’re having regular, painful contractions you’ll no about it. If the pain is getting stronger and lasts more that 30 seconds you may be in established labour. Your contractions will become stronger and more frequent until your baby arrives. Always expect the unexpected when in labour.

Your maternity unit will advise you to stay home until your contractions are about 5 minutes apart and lasting between 30-60 seconds, when that time arrives call your midwife for advice and hop in the car. Your baby is on his/her way.

A “show”

While you are pregnant, a plug of mucus seals your cervix. Just before labour starts, or in early labour the plug comes away and this is called a show. It’s a sign you’re going into to labour. Not all ladies will see the show, so don’t panic if you have all the signs and no show, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

Every pregnancy is different and so is every labour. Expect the unexpected.

Anything I’ve missed out or that you wish to add please just comment below! For more pregnancy advice download the Bump & Me APP for free HERE

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Maternity Fashion Must !!

The Kimono!!


All by Topshop

The kimono is just fabulous when your sporting a luscious bump, thrown over a basic combo of leggings and a vest or even as a bikini cover up, the Kimono should be a wardrobe staple when with bump. Nicole Richie, Melanie Slade, Katie Price and Gwen Stefani are all huge fans and have all worn their kimonos with a different style. Below I’ve listed some of my fav kimostyle among celebrities when pregnant : )

Katie Price arrives at a hotel

Katie Price in a jazzy print

Pregnant Gwen Stefani running errands

Gwen Stefani in Traditional Kimono Print


Melanie Slade in a silky floaty number


Nicole Richie looking fab with her silky Kimono