A little bit about me

The idea of Bump and Me came from a situation I found myself in 8 months ago…
Having my boyfriend check out on me quicker than it took for the line on my pregnancy test to turn pink I found my self pregnant and single. Not an ideal situation I must admit, but after being bullied into almost having the pregnancy terminated I pulled myself together and decided to do it solo.

I will admit it wasn’t easy. With raging hormones, a house move back to my parents, a new job and a growing body there were plenty of times I cried myself to sleep, wondering if I had made the right choice. It was these times I started to research for support and information on how to cope when your pregnant and on your own; with not much success.

Which is where the Bump & Me concept came from. The app, which only focuses on the mum to be. Promising not to Mention any rubbing of anybodies feet…well unless it’s from a beautician in a luxurious spa somewhere.

 And the Blog? it will be a virtual best friends guide to pregnancy. An online library of everything you need to know about your bump.

You don’t have to have gone through a break up to benefit from this blog and App, there are lots of reasons for women to chose bump&me you may have chosen the route to be a mother on your own, or you may have a distant traveling partner or husband, whatever your situation may be, bump&me’s aim is to never let you feel like your doing it alone. Were here to help, discuss and support you as much and as often as we can.

Thank you for choosing to visit bump&me and Just remember you may feel as low as the grass under you feet at times but at other times like when you feel your baby kick for the first time you will feel as high as the moon, enjoy every moment.

Love Daniella xxx


You can purchase the APP Here at www.bumpandme.co.uk


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