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Jasper’s Jack’s First Post


Hello, My name is Jasper, Jazzy for short or even Jazz. My age is 14 Months and 13 Days, I’m about ¾ the size of Mummy’s leg in height and I’m not sure what I weigh but Mummy is always trying to sit me on that square thing that’s in the bathroom — not sure what it is but it has numbers on it and I don’t think My Mummy likes it very much as she’s always shouting at it.

Mummy thought it would be nice if I start blogging too; like she does… Well I suppose it makes sense really as I am the reason Bump And Me even exists – Hashtag #Justsayin. I will be blogging about all my favourite things like… What I like to do, Where I like to go, What I like to eat even what I like to wear. Really hope you like my posts and I’d love to hear from you sometime.

 Anyway I have to crawl, Its bedtime for me.

Night Night

Jasper x