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Not my usual kind of post, but this is something I had to share to receive your views. As I attended my antenatal classes (will not name and shame) I had not a Scooby doo what to expect, or what they offered. All I could imagine is Ross from friends sitting with his ex-wife and her new lesbian partner, practising breathing techniques… Actually some of that episode relates to this.

Anyway, I signed up for a six-week course in a nearby town. I took Daisy my birthing partner with me, and after we had passed the initial five minutes of explaining Daisy and I were not in a relationship, we continued to attend the classes up until this point…

Sat at my computer, I received an email from a different teacher who took the breast-feeding class the night before. It read…

Hi Daniella,

it was really nice to meet you and Daisy on Monday night. I didn’t want to ask in front of the others, but I wondered whether Daisy had thought about breastfeeding your baby too? I realise she will think I am completely mad, but some same sex parents like to both share the breastfeeding. It is not something that is easily achieved, but can be with lots of support when it is something that people really want to do.

If you are interested in finding out more, just let me know.

Warm wishes,
There is absolutely nothing that could follow an email like this, aside from HOW!!!!!! so please leave your comments below and let me know your views on this sort of assumption…

P.S On the up side this gave my friends and family a giggle for weeks! 🙂


Bump to Baby

Wow so the last few months have been a roller coaster to say the least… high as a kite some days, then others I feel like I have never felt lonelier in my life. Being a single mother is hard. In fact not even just being a single mother, just a mother in general is hard, anyone who says its easy is either lying or drinks a bottle of wine a night, to numb the pain. The sleepless nights are catching up on me, my back is screwed from lifting a fourteen pound baby all day, my tummy still wobbles and my boobs have started to resemble cocker spaniel ears! Not a good look for a 27 year old! But aside from the few negatives the positives are just wonderful. Jasper giggles, blows bubbles and has ever started to roll over! I’m in heaven when I’m with him, but when he goes to bed at night, it’s hard.

I have friends who have babies, who have been amazing, but having recently spent time with an old friend who is in a similar position to myself, I must say it’s the best days I have. Although spending time with other mothers does help, hearing about their husbands and boyfriends, kills me! I have nothing to contribute to the conversations and makes me feel more isolated than ever, Almost like the time when I took my birthing partner to the antenatal classes, and the teacher thought we were lesbians! No word of a lie! So spending time with some one who doesn’t judge and actually does know what I’m going through is a blessing.

And lastly this week, I’ve finished my APP Becoming single when nine weeks pregnant was not ideal, but when I felt like I couldn’t cope and my family and friends just didn’t understand what I was feeling, I turned to the internet. From downloading apps to searching through forums, I found nothing I could relate to. Apps mentioned your husband or partner far to often, and when your feeling hormonal and emotional with no one to cuddle the last thing I want to read is get your partner to give you a massage or run you a bath. I wanted to launch myself. Forums and websites about single mums-to-be had a stereotype that just wasn’t me, and I felt I couldn’t relate. To which I had a light bulb moment, I do not want other women feeling like how I felt, even if i only make one other woman feel like their not alone, my job is done. So to which little savings I had, I created an APP just for mums-to-be, not a partner, not a husband in sight or mentioned. I hope you have as much fun reading it, as I did creating it. 🙂

Lots of Love
Daniella X

The Beginning…

Within 12 months I have been single, engaged, pregnant, single and become a mummy.Within 12 months I have been Happy, sad, over whelmed, heartbroken, emotional, exhausted. Within the last 2 months I have been given a gift that is so precious, so amazing, so wonderful that I Can honestly say I have never been so in love and so happy in my entire 27 years. His name? Jasper and he’s 7 weeks Old.

Id be lying to you if I said it had been easy. It hasn’t. But I’m cracking on as much as I know how to and I love every moment. I’m starting this side of the Blog called Me plus One to share my journey as a single mum. The ups the downs, the lows the highs and everything in the middle. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.