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Pinning Heaven!

Bump and me Pregnancy Blog

Bump and me is on Pinterest! Pregnancy Blog.

Ok so I may be a little obsessed with Pinterest  (Yes a little behind the times) But how AMAZEBALLS is it!! I will be sharing with you all my top finds from Interior décor to Maternity style all on here. Starting with…. Nursery Ideas. You can follow Bump and Me Pregnancy blog on Pinterest by clicking HERE.

For A Baby Girl

Bump and me pregnancy blog

Bump And Me pregnancy blog – Nursery Ideas pinned from Pinterest.

Unisex Room – For when you don’t know the sex

Bump and me pregnancy blog

Bump and me pregnancy blog, Pinterest nursery ideas.

For a Baby Boy

Bump and me Pregnancy blog Pinterest ideas

Bump and me Pregnancy blog Pinterest ideas for a boy.

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Cribs, Cots and Cotbeds…


When it comes to picking out a bed for your new bundle of joy where do you even start? You walk into one of these popular baby outlets and you’re bombarded with cribs, cots, cotbeds its confusing !! Your baby’s bed will become their sanctuary for many years to come, and its the one thing that you know as soon as your little one enters this sleep pod you have about approximately one hour to become Super Mum and run around the house like a pocket rocket making things look habitable and make yourself look human! Jeeeeez its all very exhausting !!  Anyway it needs to be right, so ill explain to you whats what… starting with Cribs – and I don’t mean that MTV 90’s program 😉

Cribs are the ‘inbetween’ bed, the bed you choose if your not quite ready to have your little one leave your side yet – They have grown out of their Moses basket and look swamped in a cot or cotbed so buying a crib is the solution for this.



Now for the Cot – A cot is something that your mini baby doll will use until their ready for a big bed. Bigger than a crib but smaller than a cotbed.


A Cotbed, Does the same job as a cot but the difference between the two are really just size and the price is sometimes higher. With a cotbed you can just take the sides off and tada you have a bed. Great invention.

Izziwotnot Red Bed

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