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New Mum Essentials!


After pinning my way through Pinterest recently, I’ve come across quite a few companies that sell these New Mum, New Baby and Mum-to-be hampers, and its given me inspiration for this post…

When I had Jasper for the first few days not only did I feel like I had been hit by a bus, but I did not have a scooby doo what to do with this very tiny person. I mean this thing that had been kicking the shit out of me, sticking its feet under my ribs and sitting on my bladder for the last eight and half months was now laid in front of me, three weeks earlier than expected and he practically shot out, talk about giving me the shock factor! I hadn’t even packed my hospital bag! So, actually these new mum hampers would have come in very handy; as this is what happen’s when you don’t pack your own hospital bag:

My brother bought sanctuary towels instead of nappies to the hospital. TRUE FACT!

Ive put together a couple of hampers  (without the hamper)  For you to get some sort of idea of what you need… The Luxury and the Reality…

The Luxury New Mum Hamper

New mum essentials

New mum essentials

Eye Mask – You sleep when they sleep!

Reality – If you have other children, a Job and a house to run sleep becomes a luxury. But if you don’t then you can pick this one up this gorgeous one on 

Candle – The scent is relaxing and calming.

Reality – Will cover the delightful smells your newborn will produce. Jo Malone has some gorgeous fragrances.

BB Cream – Will make your skin flawless and cover up sleepless eyes.

Reality – Not even a shovel and cement will cover the bags under your eyes. But this YSL one is worth a shot, its like magic in a tube.

Washable breast pads.

Reality – Great idea but who really has the time to wash your breast pads everyday? But if you fancy these, you can pick them up from love milk. 

Beautiful lace nude coloured underwear.

Reality – Between you’re leaking boobs and blood loss after birth, it’s properly wise to buy dark coloured underwear. Your boobs will also go MASSIVE as they fill with milk so buy a size bigger! And your knickers a size smaller! Elle Macpherson nursing Bra and Marks and Spencer pants.


Reality – You will most likely be pooed, weeded and sick on so probarly best not wear your finest in the first few weeks. Get yourself to primark ! But if you like these ones head to mamamoosh

Now what you really need !!! 

On top of the above you will need the following:


Paracetamol – You will feel aches and pains in places that you didn’t even know existed!

A blowup ring – This ring is perfect for all those new mums that have had a vaginal delivery. Trust me sitting down will hurt! Amazon

An Ice pack – To put on your bits and pieces whilst sat on the ring.

A breast pump – So someone else can do the night feed and give your boobs a rest!

Pads – You will need pads in every size for every area. Supermarket’s own brands I find the best!

Nipple Cream – Your boobs will hurt and become sore. Slather this gear on or be sorry. Mothercare

Epsom Salts – Just because they are AWSOME! Find them on amazon for the best deal.

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Spoil Yourself With Spoiled Mama


If you’re looking to spoil your self or a Mum-to-be this Valentines Day look no further than Spoiled Mama, a luxurious skincare brand that’s just landed in the UK from America. This scrumptiously delicious smelling skincare range really is something else. Although not the most affordable skincare brand on the market, Spoiled Mama is one of the few that can put their hand on their serum and say its toxin free, cruelty free and its that gentle to skin that you can use some of their products even on your new baby.

spoiled mama serum

Vitamin C Serum

Bump and Me blog and app spoiled mama

Cruelty free and Vegan Free

If like me when your pregnant you suffer from heavy legs, pigmentation spots, stretch marks and even acne you really need to get involved with this brand. All products are proven to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, skin texture, skin tone and mottled pigmentation – as well as increase skin’s overall hydration.


If your looking for these products click HERE

Happy Valentines Day xx

Kate sparkles in Gold!

The Duchess made her first red carpet event since having baby George look effortless last night. Stunningly beautiful as always, Kate glowed as much as her dress shimmered. Without a hint of a mum tum the dress suited Kate to perfection. Take a look at some of my favourite snap shots from last night and share your thoughts on here or via Twitter 🙂


Zap The MumTum!


Having gained an unnecessary amount of weight throughout my pregnancy shifting it was not going to be an easy task! Well fast-forward eight months and I’m 56 pounds lighter and gone from a 16 to 10/12. But this was no walk in the park; nor was it a quick fix; It is pure dedication and will power that has enabled me to lose this amount of weight. I still have a stone to shift, which I’m finding tough to budge; this is why I have decided to share my weight loss secrets with you, hoping you will join in my quest to lose your mummy tummy as well by sharing your tips and tricks with me. Anybody that is interested in starting the zap the MumTum challenge get in touch! Lets do it together.



1 egg, 1 egg white scrambled.
Slice of smoked salmon.
Squeeze of lemon.

Mid Morning Snack



Tin of Tuna
Mixed salad
Tablespoon of balsamic Vinegar
On-the-go Lunch

Supermarket Sushi

Mid Afternoon Snack

Fat free yogurt such as Activia


Mixed Veg or salad


Water and limited caffeine to two cups a day of tea or coffee


Switch wine for gin and slim line Tonic, and if you much have a treat, make sure its 100kal of less.


Exercising with a baby is much easier than you think it is. Walking is a great form of cardio, so stick your trainers on, wrap your baby up and off you go. With a sling or a pram, Its an easy way to get your baby to have a nap, have their daily vitamin D dose and you will burn calories at the same time. Win Win.

Mix it up by using the pram as a squat bar and do walking lunges to work on those legs and Bottom.

Bonus of having a baby to lift all day is that you don’t really need to do much arm work, and you will notice in time that lifting your baby is creating those arms that would give Jennifer Aniston a run for her money.

Now for that Mummy Tummy! This is the tricky one that will take a little more work and dedication than the above. The plank is the one for hitting that core, if you can do side ones also, great! Hold for a minute, repeat three times and do five times a week.

And that is all it takes, No costly gym membership, no fad diets. Just common sense and will power.

Please don’t forget if you want to join in my Zap that Mum Tum challenge please contact me via here or on Facebook or Twitter. Lets do this Shit.

Express Yourself…

In the words of Madonna herself, Express yourself, Quite literally.

Choosing the right breast pump for you can be not only challenging but very overwhelming. You have manual ones, electrical ones, double ones the list in endless so where do you even start? After Jasper had an unplanned stay at baby special care for a week, I had no choice but to express, and to be honest its not too bad, although be prepared to feel like a cow being milked and very painful breasts for the first few days, but you do get into the swing of things. After some well revised research I have come up with my favorite pumps. If I have missed one out that you used, please do not hesitate to comment or message me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK so I can add it to the list.

Medela Swing Electric beast pump – £129.99

Not the cheapest on the market, but the Medela breast pump has won all sorts of awards so they must be doing something right. I personally used this one, when on the maternity ward so I have first hand experience. It is great if your a beginner when it comes to expressing as I was, no need for instructions as its pretty much self explanatory. Although the pumping noise can be a bit off putting and the perculier sensation is odd, you do get used to it pretty quickly. If your planning on breast feeding for a while id definitely recommend this one.


Avent manual pump – £30.00

Again I have personal hand experience with this one. The manual lever can become a little tiresome after a while, but it does the same job as the electrical ones, just not as fast and not as expensive. The silicone cushion inside that sticks onto your breast is comfortable and moulds to the shape of your breast, Its easy to clean and comes with a bottle so you can just pop it in the fridge after your done. The pricing of this makes it an attractive choice, and if your only planning on casually expressing this might be the one for you.


Tommee Tippee closer to nature electrical breast pump – £99.99

My friend used this one. Its efficient, comfortable and simple to manage (her words not mine). It is designed to recreate a ‘natural feel’ and has a unique silicone cup for extra comfort. The breast pump also comes with a microwave sterilizer box which is really easy to use, not that I can say the same for the assemble of the pump.It comes with loads of bits of pieces, But get past that and your good to go.


Lansinoh 2-in-1 affinity pro double electrical breast pump – £120.00

I swore by Lansinoh nipple cream when I was breast feeding, so when it comes to the pump surely they deliver the goods just as well? In a nutshell, Yes they do. The affinity works either as a single pump or a double pump, bonus if you fancy expressing a little bit more than usual, it has a two-phase stimulation, rapid and deeper and comes complete with a LCD screen so you can keep track of the suction rhythms or when changing phases. If price doesn’t bother and you plan to be a pro-expresser this may be the one for you.








Learning to Love your post pregnancy body.


Learning to Love your post pregnancy body, is all about loving your inner self first. Stretch marks, weight gain and water retention, is all part and parcel of pregnancy, and your not alone in this, and to be honest beating your self up about something that only you probably notice is normal, what you need to do is see the bigger picture. You have given life to this tiny person; you are a blessed and you are a beautiful yummy mummy. OK, so your tummy wobbles, big deal, its not forever and look what you have achieved!

Thinking positive is the main factor in loving your post pregnancy body. But starting with a little exercise and creating a healthier diet is not only good for weight loss but will give you more energy and a boost, and with the sleepless nights you will need the extra boost. Next, give your self a little pampering, have a spray tan as everything looks better with a tan! paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, you’re a mummy not a hobo so there is never an excuse to let your self go however tired you are. Put the maternity wear away and throw the leggings out! trust me you’ll thank me for it! If the thought of squeezing into your pre-pregnancy jeans sends shudders down your spine, buy your self a new pair, just a cheap pair, so you have something that has a button not a stretch waist band.

Next your make up, I’m not talking Lady GaGa, But just a little mascara and conceala will do the trick. This will make you feel and look better. If you have your hair high lighted, see if you can get an hour or two off mummy duties and get your self to the salon, you’d be surprised what a few flashes In the hair can do! If not dry shampoo will become your best friend the next few months!

And most of all, Remember You’re a beautiful yummy mummy and trust me your doing great.

For Your Baby!


Packing your bag is one thing but what about the new teeny weeny edition that has just made his or her arrival. First things first, you will need a Car Seat! You will need to transport your very special cargo from A-B so its vital you have one of these with you.

The outfit that your baby will travel home in! This needs to be super duper special, It will be the first out fit your baby will wear, so you are bound to treasure it forever. Choose wisely.

Baby Grows! You can pick these up almost anywhere that sells baby stuff. Pack at least Five in two different sizes.

Sleep Suit! If your having an over night stay, this is a must, and again in two different sizes.

Newborn Nappies! After my sanctuary towel incident it is vital you have these packed! And pack at least 10!

Cotton Wool must be packed! You wont be able to use any products on your babies skin for a few weeks, just water. Cotton wool is perfect to give your baby a soft and quick wash.

A hat! Babies take a while to adapt to their new environment, after being all cosy in Mummy’s tummy for the last nine months. So they will need protection from the different elements. Plus they always look very cute in a hat!

Blanket! This will need to be very soft, very Luxurious and very beautiful. Whether you choose a luxury cashmere or go for a more practical brand like Aden + Anais as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did for Prince George, Just be prepared this blanket will probably be with your baby for a long time so it will get very dirty and will most likely need frequent washing, So dry clean only is probably not the most ideal. Shop around.

So there you go, our list of baby essentials to bring your new born baby home in comfort and style. Pack this bag and your bag four weeks before your due date, and always make sure someone else knows where it is, to prevent sanctuary towel incidents.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck ☺