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Christmas inspiration !


Just Bought this delightful Christmas jumper and socks for Jasper from Tescos !! Love it !!


For Your Baby!


Packing your bag is one thing but what about the new teeny weeny edition that has just made his or her arrival. First things first, you will need a Car Seat! You will need to transport your very special cargo from A-B so its vital you have one of these with you.

The outfit that your baby will travel home in! This needs to be super duper special, It will be the first out fit your baby will wear, so you are bound to treasure it forever. Choose wisely.

Baby Grows! You can pick these up almost anywhere that sells baby stuff. Pack at least Five in two different sizes.

Sleep Suit! If your having an over night stay, this is a must, and again in two different sizes.

Newborn Nappies! After my sanctuary towel incident it is vital you have these packed! And pack at least 10!

Cotton Wool must be packed! You wont be able to use any products on your babies skin for a few weeks, just water. Cotton wool is perfect to give your baby a soft and quick wash.

A hat! Babies take a while to adapt to their new environment, after being all cosy in Mummy’s tummy for the last nine months. So they will need protection from the different elements. Plus they always look very cute in a hat!

Blanket! This will need to be very soft, very Luxurious and very beautiful. Whether you choose a luxury cashmere or go for a more practical brand like Aden + Anais as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did for Prince George, Just be prepared this blanket will probably be with your baby for a long time so it will get very dirty and will most likely need frequent washing, So dry clean only is probably not the most ideal. Shop around.

So there you go, our list of baby essentials to bring your new born baby home in comfort and style. Pack this bag and your bag four weeks before your due date, and always make sure someone else knows where it is, to prevent sanctuary towel incidents.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck ☺

Bugaboo VS Silver Cross

When pregnant and buying all the latest gadgets on offer, one thing that has to be and still is my biggest purchase is my Bugaboo Chameleon 3. Obviously if you believe the advertisements it’s the pram of the moment, but if I’m honest I just bought it because my cousin had one and it seemed to be the thing to have, plus if the rumour mill is correct The duchess of Cambridge has one on order… For the imminent arrival of the Royal Baby. Coming in at an outrageous price of £869 it’s far from cheap, and bugaboo just love to tap you up, there’s the different covers, adapters, umbrella, winter liner, summer liner, the list is endless. But they are kind enough to throw in the rain cover, which is nice of them…

231659137I had a love/hate relationship with my Bugaboo, Mainly hate at the beginning, it caused trapped fingers, broken nails, bruised legs to name a few, but I have now grown to love it (once I learned how to use in properly) They -don’t know who?? Really should send you to some kind of motherhood boot camp before you become one, to save you from the above mishaps!

Anyway back to the post… so My mother has been trailing through e-bay with a fine tooth comb to find a Silver Cross, just like I had (mine was turned into a go kart, and 25 years on she still not over it) and guess what? A 400-mile round trip later, we are now the proud owner of a vintage silver cross pram! I must say this pram really is the Rolls Royce of prams, still to this date, Brand new they go for thousands of pounds, and are sold in major department stores. But what is the big fascination? Yes its lovely to look at, and designed beautifully, but you cant actually take it anywhere, the wheels do not turn, its too big to transport anywhere, and its far too fancy for the local pub, so aside from a place for day time naps, It’s quite pointless really….

silvercrosspramSo although my Mum would highly disagree, I am and will probably always be team Bugaboo, and see the Silver Cross as a fancy crib on wheels, But what do you think? Are you a modern girl looking for that must have accessory? (Doesn’t have to be Bugaboo) Or are you classic and love the Silver cross? Contact me on TWITTER or here, would love to hear your views on this…