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New Mum Essentials!


After pinning my way through Pinterest recently, I’ve come across quite a few companies that sell these New Mum, New Baby and Mum-to-be hampers, and its given me inspiration for this post…

When I had Jasper for the first few days not only did I feel like I had been hit by a bus, but I did not have a scooby doo what to do with this very tiny person. I mean this thing that had been kicking the shit out of me, sticking its feet under my ribs and sitting on my bladder for the last eight and half months was now laid in front of me, three weeks earlier than expected and he practically shot out, talk about giving me the shock factor! I hadn’t even packed my hospital bag! So, actually these new mum hampers would have come in very handy; as this is what happen’s when you don’t pack your own hospital bag:

My brother bought sanctuary towels instead of nappies to the hospital. TRUE FACT!

Ive put together a couple of hampers  (without the hamper)  For you to get some sort of idea of what you need… The Luxury and the Reality…

The Luxury New Mum Hamper

New mum essentials

New mum essentials

Eye Mask – You sleep when they sleep!

Reality – If you have other children, a Job and a house to run sleep becomes a luxury. But if you don’t then you can pick this one up this gorgeous one on 

Candle – The scent is relaxing and calming.

Reality – Will cover the delightful smells your newborn will produce. Jo Malone has some gorgeous fragrances.

BB Cream – Will make your skin flawless and cover up sleepless eyes.

Reality – Not even a shovel and cement will cover the bags under your eyes. But this YSL one is worth a shot, its like magic in a tube.

Washable breast pads.

Reality – Great idea but who really has the time to wash your breast pads everyday? But if you fancy these, you can pick them up from love milk. 

Beautiful lace nude coloured underwear.

Reality – Between you’re leaking boobs and blood loss after birth, it’s properly wise to buy dark coloured underwear. Your boobs will also go MASSIVE as they fill with milk so buy a size bigger! And your knickers a size smaller! Elle Macpherson nursing Bra and Marks and Spencer pants.


Reality – You will most likely be pooed, weeded and sick on so probarly best not wear your finest in the first few weeks. Get yourself to primark ! But if you like these ones head to mamamoosh

Now what you really need !!! 

On top of the above you will need the following:


Paracetamol – You will feel aches and pains in places that you didn’t even know existed!

A blowup ring – This ring is perfect for all those new mums that have had a vaginal delivery. Trust me sitting down will hurt! Amazon

An Ice pack – To put on your bits and pieces whilst sat on the ring.

A breast pump – So someone else can do the night feed and give your boobs a rest!

Pads – You will need pads in every size for every area. Supermarket’s own brands I find the best!

Nipple Cream – Your boobs will hurt and become sore. Slather this gear on or be sorry. Mothercare

Epsom Salts – Just because they are AWSOME! Find them on amazon for the best deal.

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Yummy Mummy-to-be Pregnancy APP

A little bit about the Bump & Me App

The App covers all things pregnancy from conception to delivery and everything in between. Boasting ultra modern 3D foetal development images and a clever kick counter, this app is a reliable resource for expecting mums.  Bump and Me is on hand with fabulous fashion tips that you can browse in the style section to learn how to dress your bump as your body changes. With fantastic fitness and nutrition advice, mums to be can refer to the app for meal inspiration and more at the touch of a button.

You can download the Bump & Me APP for free HERE

Bump And Me App Screenshots

Bump and Me Screen Shots


A Pamper Valentines Night…

Planning a pure luxury pamper evening this Valentine’s Day with me, myself and I? then look no further than the ultra luxury products Ive found to fulfil your evening with delight…

valentines pamper night

Valentines night Luxury products….. Jo Malone Red Roses Collection HERE Sisley Black Rose Mask HERE Neom luxury bubble bath HERE Hotel Chocolat HERE

Spoil Yourself With Spoiled Mama


If you’re looking to spoil your self or a Mum-to-be this Valentines Day look no further than Spoiled Mama, a luxurious skincare brand that’s just landed in the UK from America. This scrumptiously delicious smelling skincare range really is something else. Although not the most affordable skincare brand on the market, Spoiled Mama is one of the few that can put their hand on their serum and say its toxin free, cruelty free and its that gentle to skin that you can use some of their products even on your new baby.

spoiled mama serum

Vitamin C Serum

Bump and Me blog and app spoiled mama

Cruelty free and Vegan Free

If like me when your pregnant you suffer from heavy legs, pigmentation spots, stretch marks and even acne you really need to get involved with this brand. All products are proven to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, skin texture, skin tone and mottled pigmentation – as well as increase skin’s overall hydration.


If your looking for these products click HERE

Happy Valentines Day xx

Pregnant And Glowing…


Your face during pregnancy will go through so many changes, some noticeable some not so much. The most common being the “pregnancy glow” although changing your life style to a much healthier one whilst pregnant can help the “pregnancy glow” which is actually an old wives tale. The facial shine has a biological basis. Increased volume of blood may cause the cheeks to take more of a blush and On top of this increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen. Whatever the reason for it, it is one of the best changes of pregnancy.

A good facial wash and Moisturiser can do wonders for your pregnancy skin. I found the Nivea range was fantastic and won’t break the bank. I still use it now! You can find it at all supermarkets plus places like Boots & Superdrug.

Generate.ashx Nivea-Visage-Rich-Moisturising-Day-Cream-11804.jpg?o=Ps4eBf2Lvd1xYzgWP5kb5$yWRh8j&V=gPAu&w=250&h=250&r=2&q=80

 If your wanting to spend a little bit more, then look no further than the Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser, toner and moisturiser. You can buy it from HERE


 Some may find brownish or yellow patches appear on the face this is called chloasma (also named the mask of pregnancy) although it can appear anywhere on the face the most common areas are on the forehead, upper cheeks, nose and chin. You can blame your hormones for this one.

A good BB cream will mask imperfections – this Garnier one is brilliant. Again can be found at all supermarkets.


You probably thought your teenage spotty days were over, while pregnancy acne is rarely as severe as that of adolescence, you may need to return to some of your teenage cleansing rituals  and masks to clear up your skin.

 Having attended a TempleSpa party when pregnant and trying out this face mask, I can honestly say its fantastic! Left my skin feeling fresh and clean and looking super clear! You can find it HERE


If your suffering from sleepless nights, Puffy eyes might be a little bit of a problem for you. Well look no further that Clinique Eye Serum – Containing Caffeine, antioxidants and soothing botanicals, this product will refresh, brighten and hydrate puffy eyes! You can find it HERE


Anything you wish to add to this post please leave your comments below 🙂

Thank you Daniella X

Bad hair day? Do One!


After a slight little mishap at the Royal camp, the poor Duchess was sent on her way to do her Royal duties with ROOTS! OMG call the Hair police! And yes this made national news! Ridiculous !

Any new mum knows that once your bundle of joy arrives, your roots are no longer a Priority, Beautiful Kate should count her lucky stars that she’s not a blonde! After 8 weeks I can look like someone thats had an upside down dip dye crossed with this guy!



Anyway I’m here to save the day, I’ve put together a few products that will help you disguise the roots, keep the frizz at bay and keep that hair straight without hours of styling!

  • Talcum powder – Great for blondes, not so much for any other colour! Sprinkle directly onto roots, tip head upside down and imagine your at some heavy metal concert!
  • Dry shampoo!
  • Tangle teaser – will stop your hair breaking! Fantastic invention !
  • Kerastase Hair Oil – MAGIC!
  • Macadamia deep repair masque!
  • Joico K-Pak Shampoo to repair damage
  • Palmers Coconut oil – repairing conditioner
  • TIGI Bed head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff
  • Any Anti Frizz product from John Frieda! Especially the Serum
  • Palmers Coconut Oil – Moisture-Grow masque

You can find most products at your local Supermarket, but if you can’t try !

 So there you have it,  If you wish to share any of your hair secrets, please let me know!



Vanity over Priority?


That special day has arrived… your due date! So who do you call… The beauty salon! Yes your this reading right, in recent times beauty salons have had a 10% increase in pre-birth treatments, So not only are mothers to be under pressure to breast feed, to have a natural birth, what to eat, what not to eat and the fear of childbirth itself. More and more mothers-to-be are crumbling to the medias obsession of picture perfect yummy mummy 3 seconds after you have just endured, blood, sweat and tears by pushing a water melon or two out of a 10cm hole. Being plucked, waxed, tanned and even blow dried for the occasion seems to be becoming the norm these days… But really? Should vanity be a priority, when it comes to labour?

My labour wasn’t pretty, but in the grand scheme of things I had an easy time! Don’t get me wrong I cried, shouted, swore and rolled around on the floor for a little while, refusing to go any further and telling/screaming at the midwife that under no circumstances was I having this baby without pain relief! Well…with Jasper making his imminent arrival three weeks early and within 90 minutes, I didn’t really have time for pain relief or to make myself look like Kate moss, So Instead I just looked at this little person laid in my arms, thinking O MY GOD, whilst my friend snapped away, and hoped for the best…or wait for the wonders of Photoshop either or!

My first picture of Jasper and I, I’m naked, hair on top of my head, have mascara running down my face, and three stone over weight! Not attractive, in fact I look horrendous! But do I care… Nope because when I look at that picture I see Love, happiness and a healthy baby, and that’s all that matters! So If I had the chance to do it all over again or if I’m lucky enough to have any more children, I think when it comes to being vain, I would be all over a bikini wax (ouch) not for me, but for the poor midwifes, enduring my Hairy Fairy during labour, now that cant be very pleasant for anybody involved! O and water proof mascara! That Is a MUST!

Hope you enjoyed this post, would love to hear from you, and your views on vanity during childbirth. Please comment of get in touch Via Twitter

Daniella Xx