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Maternity Style File

Pregnant lady shopping Picking your Maternity wear wardrobe staples can be a tricky one, with some many high street brands offering high fashion maternity wear at competitive prices how do you know which one to choose.

 Well, In today’s post I’m focusing on New Look Maternity. New look Maternity has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Gone are the days that for nine months of your life you feel like a fat walrus in a smock! With brands such as New Look, you can look and feel fabulous without breaking the bank.

The only downside I find with New Look is that a lot of the stores don’t carry the Maternity line, which is a bit annoying – But fear not, Online they literally have EVERYTHING !! From Jeans to Bra’s you can literally have your entire maternity wardrobe with you at a click of a mouse! Click HERE to find out more.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces from the 2014 collection below and I’ve left my comments, Id love to hear from you also so please get in touch and let me know what you think.

New Look skinny Jeans!

I’m personally a bigger fan on the under bump style than the over bump, as I find them more comfortable and im not adjusting the band all the time. These are great coming in at £22.99

new look at

New look maternity wear

LOVE the two pack skater dress, Really versatile and a must-have maternity wardrobe staple. The monochrome dress worn loose or with a belt is fab (really light material) The lace insert panel jumper is lovely. Plenty of room for your grown bump.

new look maternity jeans

New Look Maternity over bump jeans

As I have said before Im not a massive fan of the over bump style, but these are a great fit. With the flattering bootcut style, these are sure to balance out your ever growing bump. £22.99

Hope you enjoyed this post

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It’s in the bag!

When it comes to choosing the essentials for your daily changing bag some things may seem unnecessary, some things may seem absurd, but let me assure you; gone are the days of running out the front door with a bag the size on a greeting card with nothing but your lipgloss and bank card inside; motherhood Is a whole new kettle of fish when it comes to bags. So listen up, your in for a treat. Below I’ve listed all the essentials you need plus a few of my fav bags I’ve found on my internet travels.

Cute Baby


  1. Bottles for formula or your own milk
  2. One bottle with sterilised water
  3. Formula if your using that
  4. Breast pads and pump (if feeding yourself)
  5. Blanket
  6. Hat, gloves, Booties
  7. Two pairs of socks ( you will be surprised how many you will lose before shoes )
  8. Two fresh vests – Trust me for a small person its astonishing what they can be produce!
  9. One complete change of outfit
  10. Nappies, Wipes, Lotions
  11. Cotton wool
  12. Food, snacks and a drink (If your at that stage)
  13. Dummy, Thermometer, calpol, teething pain relief, hand sanitiser
  14. Bibs and plenty of muslin cloths
  15. Portable changing mat


As above but disregard anything wintery and add –

  1. Summer Hat
  2. Total Block sun lotion
  3. Summer Umbrella
  4. Airtex blanket (the one with little holes) for summer naps


Changing Bags

Changing bags for mums-to-be

From left to right – Pink Lining HERE Mini Changing bag by Hidden Lilly HERE II Tutto Studded bag HERE Little Pumpkin HERE 

On the Bump & Me APP we have a whole section dedicated to shopping essentials with Tick-able lists – Plus its FREE how cool is that! You can download it HERE


Yummy Mummy-to-be Pregnancy APP

A little bit about the Bump & Me App

The App covers all things pregnancy from conception to delivery and everything in between. Boasting ultra modern 3D foetal development images and a clever kick counter, this app is a reliable resource for expecting mums.  Bump and Me is on hand with fabulous fashion tips that you can browse in the style section to learn how to dress your bump as your body changes. With fantastic fitness and nutrition advice, mums to be can refer to the app for meal inspiration and more at the touch of a button.

You can download the Bump & Me APP for free HERE

Bump And Me App Screenshots

Bump and Me Screen Shots


Valentine’s Chic…

Whatever you have planned this valentines night, wether its a night in with a box of delicious chocolates or a date with a loved one, Its not too late to find your perfect Valentine’s night outfit. Below are some little treats I’ve found on my internet travels…

maternity valentines outfits

Dress – Newly
Leather Jacket – Zara
Boots – Zara
Scarf – Zara

You can find the New Look Red Maternity Dress HERE

And the Zara Jacket & Accessories HERE

maternity underwear and sleepwear

Panche Sophie Maternity Underwear
Mamamoosh pjs

You can find the Panache Sophie Maternity Underwear HERE

Mamamoosh PJ’S HERE

EEEEEEK my body is changing !!!!


Your body will change in many weird and wonderful ways over the next 9 months, some beautiful… some not so quite! So aside from the obvious growing belly, bottom and thighs, you may experience some other unexpected changes whilst your pregnant which may come as a little of a surprise – starting with a dark line on your tummy called the linea nigra. Linea nigra is a dark line that runs from your belly button down to your public line and some women may experience it from just under your bra, it is more common in darker skinned women but I’m blonde and blue eyed, and although I go quite dark in the sunshine I certainly would not say I’m dark skinned, so always expect the unexpected! But the good news is, that it will go away and mine completely disappeared about 5 months after I gave brith!

Next comes the Veins!! A mixture of pregnancy hormones along with increased blood volume, cause those tiny, squiggly red or purple capillaries otherwise known as spider veins to spread out and become more visible during pregnancy.  They can appear anywhere so a little tip would be to invest in a good concealer.

Other body changes through out pregnancy include skin tags, stretch marks, pigmentation, heat rash, itching, piles, bigger, and darker aureolas and cellulite…. But don’t be too alarmed, as after delivery most changes will disappear in time.

Anything you experienced during pregnancy please share below 🙂

x x x


Signs Of Labour


When its time for your baby or babies to check out of Hotel Mum do you really know what signs to look for when that moment arrives? Well below Ive listed a number ‘labour signs’ to look out for.

Your Waters breaking

Don’t panic. Your not in a Hollywood blockbuster so if your one of the 10% of women who’s waters break before labour begins no need to get yourself in a whizz. All you need to know is that as your baby is no longer protected there is a risk of infection, call your maternity unit for advice, what to do next. You’re looking for a sweet smelling, pale straw colour liquid that you cant control. If the amniotic fluid is smelly or discoloured or if your losing blood, call your midwife immediately as this could mean you and your baby may need urgent attention.

Regular contractions

When you’re having regular, painful contractions you’ll no about it. If the pain is getting stronger and lasts more that 30 seconds you may be in established labour. Your contractions will become stronger and more frequent until your baby arrives. Always expect the unexpected when in labour.

Your maternity unit will advise you to stay home until your contractions are about 5 minutes apart and lasting between 30-60 seconds, when that time arrives call your midwife for advice and hop in the car. Your baby is on his/her way.

A “show”

While you are pregnant, a plug of mucus seals your cervix. Just before labour starts, or in early labour the plug comes away and this is called a show. It’s a sign you’re going into to labour. Not all ladies will see the show, so don’t panic if you have all the signs and no show, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

Every pregnancy is different and so is every labour. Expect the unexpected.

Anything I’ve missed out or that you wish to add please just comment below! For more pregnancy advice download the Bump & Me APP for free HERE

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Blushing bumps !

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.50.15 PM

If your looking for a gorgeous maternity brand that will take you from Bump to Mum without breaking the bank, look no further than Pink Blush Maternity.


Maternity wear can be tricky to find at affordable prices whilst still keeping the quality, let alone something that you could still wear after your bump has gone, but Ive found just the ticket. Although Pink Blush Maternity is based in America, they do ship world wide, and I received my order (to the UK) within a week of ordering which is amazing !! Sometimes even buying items from the UK to deliver to the UK can take that long so PBM gets a gold star for that.

I chose the Black studded Jumper which you can find HERE – Im a size 10 and ordered a medium, So the sizes are quite true to size, but if your at the beginning of your pregnancy I would maybe order a size bigger just to be on the safe side.

If your looking for a cocktail dress or just something to slouch around in Pink Blush Maternity will have it. Plus they have 60% off at the moment plus FREE shipping for US orders. What is not to LOVE about that? If you have anything to contribute to this article please do so below, I would love to hear from you 🙂

Blog to you soon

Daniella XxX