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Yummy Mummy-to-be Pregnancy APP

A little bit about the Bump & Me App

The App covers all things pregnancy from conception to delivery and everything in between. Boasting ultra modern 3D foetal development images and a clever kick counter, this app is a reliable resource for expecting mums.  Bump and Me is on hand with fabulous fashion tips that you can browse in the style section to learn how to dress your bump as your body changes. With fantastic fitness and nutrition advice, mums to be can refer to the app for meal inspiration and more at the touch of a button.

You can download the Bump & Me APP for free HERE

Bump And Me App Screenshots

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Prenatal Yoga Tips & Tricks


Bet the idea of doing downward dog whilst your sporting a HUGE mama belly isn’t really for you? Well it is for some and prenatal yoga is becoming more and more popular with mums-to-be. When paired with cardio, Yoga can be a perfect way to keep your self-trim and healthy throughout those blooming 9 months. The ancient practice keeps you limber, Toned and improves circulation – all things which can go to pot when pregnant.

If like me when I was pregnant and your hormones are ruling your body right now (I was a ticking time bomb) Yoga can help you relax and keep you calm, with just some simple breathing exercises; this also comes in very handy when your in Labour !! Apparently with regular yoga practice it will help you fight the urge to tighten up when you feel pain, and show you how to relax instead. Check out Drew Barrymore attending her Prenatal yoga class earlier this week – HERE

Yoga Tips & Tricks
First Trimester

Great time to start, although I’m sure with fatigue and nausea this is the last thing on your mind, but trust me, you will reap the benefits.

• Only join a class with an instructor that is specifically trained in prenatal yoga.
• Listen to your body and don’t push it.
• Keep hydrated
• Breathe deeply and regularly as you stretch.

Second Trimester

Your joints will start to loosen up at this stage so act with caution. Be aware also that your balance will be totally off with your expanding belly so take it slow.

• Don’t hold poses for a long time
• Avoid lying on your back
• Might need to invest in some new yoga gear – Have read of my post on BUMP STYLE for some tips

Third Trimester

At this stage the chances of you becoming an elegant yoga poser are around a billion to one – unless your Gisele! So using props such as chairs and walls to support your balance would be a wise move. It would also be an idea to use blocks and straps to help you move through different poses with greater stability.

• Practice breathing techniques regularly – Important for you’re impending Labour!
• Really don’t hold poses for a long time without support
• Really don’t push yourself if you cant balance into a pose its your body telling you – you cant do that pose.

Hope your enjoyed my post on prenatal yoga, I will be following it up with a post natal post soon : )

Daniella X

Rocking your Bump! By Guest Blogger Sia Cooper


Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where our bodies change so rapidly and sometimes we are left feeling a little confused about how to dress! But pregnancy is no excuse to throw your style out of the window; instead, embrace those curves and enjoy feeling and looking your best while carrying your baby.

During the first trimester, most women typically do not have to alter their style or wardrobe any in way because the baby is still way too small. If this is your first pregnancy, you most likely will not start showing until your second trimester-for some, even the third! Here are a few simple ways to dress throughout all 3 trimesters!


First Trimester Style

You will find yourself still fitting into those skinny jeans and pre-pregnancy clothing, but don’t jump at maternity wear just yet! Instead, keep wearing what you own and alter as you go along. You should not notice too many changes during this stage-besides queasiness and a growing bustline!

Few tips to remember for the 1st trimester:

*Keep wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes as you were until you notice things getting a little too tight.
*Start looking into a future wardrobe and cute maternity styles to get an idea, just in case!
*Invest in some comfortable shoes, pants, and bras. Since your breasts are probably bigger than they were before (thanks hormones!), its not too early to find a more comfortable bra to start sleeping in or wearing throughout the day. Don’t reach for a maternity/nursing bra just yet though. During this stage, I wore my sports bra wherever I went!


Second Trimester Style

This is where things start changing! You will find yourself with a small “pouch” which may look like you ate a few too many tacos rather than carrying a little one (or that’s how I felt!). You want to flatter your ever growing tummy during this trimester. You can certainly still wear tight clothing-I urge you to enjoy your little bump and feeling sexy and stylish during pregnancy! While some women may need to start buying maternity pants at this time, you may be one of the few lucky ones who still fits into their jeans! If they are still comfortable, then by all means, ROCK it!

Few tips to remember when dressing for the 2nd trimester:

*Your pants might be digging into your waist-it’s time to break out something called a Belly Band which can be purchased online to help get you through this time. I also suggest a great pair of Victoria’s Secret Black Yoga Pants. These actually have a huge top band on them which supports your growing belly! I own 3!
*Flowy tops work wonders to hide the little akward pouch going on, but not too flowy or baggy. Always pair flowy tops with tight bottoms, or tight tops with loose bottoms; vice versa.
*Feel sexy and enjoy your growing body, because it only gets bigger from here!
*Invest in comfortable shoes. Choose flats over stilettos during this time. If you feel the need to still wear stilettos and are comfortable doing so, go right ahead! I did!


Third Trimester Style

At the beginning of the third trimester is where you will find yourself Googling maternity pants and bras. Your belly is protruding at this point and you need not only to feel comfortable, but to look flattering as well. They say flowy tops are best as far as comfort goes, but I personally prefer tighter tops to show off my bump. You will figure out which style suits you the best, and what you are most comfortable with since every woman’s growing figure is different!

Few tips to remember when dressing for the 3rd trimester:

*Maxi skirts and Maxi dresses have become a staple of mine since hitting the 3rd trimester! They are so comfortable to move around in and you do not have to wear pants!
*Wear black. Yes, it is true! Black is virtually slimming and very nice looking on pregnant women.
*Accessories! By wearing statement necklaces, belts above the bump, or even some jeweled headbands, it will take the attention off your bump, which you may feel is gigantic at this point!
*Avoid clothes that are too big aka BAGGY! This will make you appear larger than life.


Bottom line: Enjoy dressing and rocking your bump, don’t try to hide it, but remember to stay comfortable as well!

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Zap The MumTum!


Having gained an unnecessary amount of weight throughout my pregnancy shifting it was not going to be an easy task! Well fast-forward eight months and I’m 56 pounds lighter and gone from a 16 to 10/12. But this was no walk in the park; nor was it a quick fix; It is pure dedication and will power that has enabled me to lose this amount of weight. I still have a stone to shift, which I’m finding tough to budge; this is why I have decided to share my weight loss secrets with you, hoping you will join in my quest to lose your mummy tummy as well by sharing your tips and tricks with me. Anybody that is interested in starting the zap the MumTum challenge get in touch! Lets do it together.



1 egg, 1 egg white scrambled.
Slice of smoked salmon.
Squeeze of lemon.

Mid Morning Snack



Tin of Tuna
Mixed salad
Tablespoon of balsamic Vinegar
On-the-go Lunch

Supermarket Sushi

Mid Afternoon Snack

Fat free yogurt such as Activia


Mixed Veg or salad


Water and limited caffeine to two cups a day of tea or coffee


Switch wine for gin and slim line Tonic, and if you much have a treat, make sure its 100kal of less.


Exercising with a baby is much easier than you think it is. Walking is a great form of cardio, so stick your trainers on, wrap your baby up and off you go. With a sling or a pram, Its an easy way to get your baby to have a nap, have their daily vitamin D dose and you will burn calories at the same time. Win Win.

Mix it up by using the pram as a squat bar and do walking lunges to work on those legs and Bottom.

Bonus of having a baby to lift all day is that you don’t really need to do much arm work, and you will notice in time that lifting your baby is creating those arms that would give Jennifer Aniston a run for her money.

Now for that Mummy Tummy! This is the tricky one that will take a little more work and dedication than the above. The plank is the one for hitting that core, if you can do side ones also, great! Hold for a minute, repeat three times and do five times a week.

And that is all it takes, No costly gym membership, no fad diets. Just common sense and will power.

Please don’t forget if you want to join in my Zap that Mum Tum challenge please contact me via here or on Facebook or Twitter. Lets do this Shit.

Learning to Love your post pregnancy body.


Learning to Love your post pregnancy body, is all about loving your inner self first. Stretch marks, weight gain and water retention, is all part and parcel of pregnancy, and your not alone in this, and to be honest beating your self up about something that only you probably notice is normal, what you need to do is see the bigger picture. You have given life to this tiny person; you are a blessed and you are a beautiful yummy mummy. OK, so your tummy wobbles, big deal, its not forever and look what you have achieved!

Thinking positive is the main factor in loving your post pregnancy body. But starting with a little exercise and creating a healthier diet is not only good for weight loss but will give you more energy and a boost, and with the sleepless nights you will need the extra boost. Next, give your self a little pampering, have a spray tan as everything looks better with a tan! paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, you’re a mummy not a hobo so there is never an excuse to let your self go however tired you are. Put the maternity wear away and throw the leggings out! trust me you’ll thank me for it! If the thought of squeezing into your pre-pregnancy jeans sends shudders down your spine, buy your self a new pair, just a cheap pair, so you have something that has a button not a stretch waist band.

Next your make up, I’m not talking Lady GaGa, But just a little mascara and conceala will do the trick. This will make you feel and look better. If you have your hair high lighted, see if you can get an hour or two off mummy duties and get your self to the salon, you’d be surprised what a few flashes In the hair can do! If not dry shampoo will become your best friend the next few months!

And most of all, Remember You’re a beautiful yummy mummy and trust me your doing great.


After thoroughly enjoying myself with too much of everything though out my pregnancy, when the time came to shift that extra weight – All Three stone of it – cough cough! I had a mammoth grueling task ahead of me. Well fast forward 8 months and im almost four stone lighter! Below are some of my SuperTips at how I did it.

1.Patience is a virtue. Trust me never give up. It takes 9 months put it on, and 9 months to get it off. Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body not just the physical changes but mentally and emotionally too. Try to resist the pressure to ping straight back into your pre-pregnancy jeans like some super human, instead enjoy the time with your baby and find your feet as a new mum.

2.Keeping it Real.  Your body will be different, it has been stretched, pulled and put through enormous strain the last 9 months, so except the changes. I lathered my body three times a day with all sorts of lotions and potions only for my stretch marks to appear after my bump had started to deflate. I’m my worst enemy when it comes to my body and I am trying to except the changes still, But the only way to do this is to remember you have had a baby, and those changes are the result of a little tiny miracle who Loves you exactly the way you are regardless of your mummy tummy.

3.Nobody’s perfect. Seeking perfection after birth is ridiculous. With celebrities in the media pinging straight back 5 minutes after they have given birth can make the ‘average’ Mum have thoughts such as ‘why cant I look/feel/act like that straight after birth?’  I felt the same, Gisele the Super Model had a baby the same day I did, and 2 months later she was on a beach in a Bikini, while I was still coming to terms with the fact I am now a Mummy, and being grossed out about my flabby tummy the last thing I wanted and needed to see was that. So don’t seek perfection because your just doing great the way you are.

4.The D Word. Diets are silly, especially straight after you have had a baby. With the sleepless nights, the endless washing and bottle making who has time to read the latest fad diet? Even though it is quite true you are what you eat and it is always best to choose an apple instead of a mars bar, you also need to be realistic. Choose sensible foods that give you energy and make you feel great, not ones that give a quick fix, So probably give up that afternoon piece of cake if you want to shift the pounds.

5.Weigh it all up. With the average baby weighing seven and half pounds and the placenta, amniotic fluid and extra blood volume contributing another eight to twelve pounds, you can be sure to see a substantial drop in weight gain straight after giving birth. The rest as section one says, takes patience. Experts agree that your baby needs to be at least two months old before you start accessing your diet. No more that one and half pounds is enough to lose, to boost your body confidence without effecting your milk supply if breast feeding.

6. On-the-go exercise. There’s certainly no shortage of cardio in your life when your little one arrives and most mums would agree that babies beat dumb-bells hands down. My arms are in best shape ever. But none of this adds up to a proper workout and recent studies have shown that new mums that find the time and energy to exercise reap the benefits both physically and emotionally. So If you don’t have access to a gym, pop your trainers on and go for a gentle jog, you can even go with your pram so no need to get a babysitter.

7.Toning Tips- Don’t even think about toning up until you have had your six week check up, even then be careful. Once you get the green light, Yoga, swimming and Pilates are great to get the ball rolling, and if you have access to a power plate its incredible for toning up.

Keepin your Bump Style Working Out!


So, if you have decided to give the whole exercise thing a whirl, the next question is, what on earth do you wear? Fret not your maternity fashion fairy godmother is at hand. Whatever exercise you decide to do, the chances are you will need some new attire. First things first, its important you feel comfortable and not to overheat, Try to buy clothing in soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton and jersey. Dress in layers so it’s easy to peel off a layer or two after you’ve warmed up, or if you feel too hot.

First Trimester

During your first trimester you may not need to invest in anything clothing wise, as your belly might not be that big yet, besides if like most, your pregnancy symptoms may start to kick in at this stage, so any kind of exercise is usually off the cards till after 12 weeks. But if you do one thing – invest in a decent pair of trainers and get your boobs measured. A fitted sports bra and trainers that fit will set you on your way to becoming fitter during pregnancy.

Second Trimester

The pot belly is now turning into a proper baby belly, which means you will now need to start investing in some clothing to exercise in. Leggings you wear on a day-to-day basis can also fill the roll of exercise leggings, as does that oversized vest you have tucked away your drawer. If your not quite there yet with the maternity clothing and swimwear just buy non-maternity wear in a size or two bigger, until you get to the 6 month mark you should be ok to do this unless your having a multiple pregnancy and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Third Trimester

In your last trimester some say this is when it all starts to go a bit wrong. Up until you reached the milestone of six months you probably can not imagine getting any bigger WRONG you will get bigger and bigger and bigger until the little one decides to make an appearance so with your growing belly, your boobs will grow along with your bottom so its now time to bring out the big guns and start looking for maternity wear. Go for a bra fitting and buy another sports bra, as this will be your saviour. Your most likely feeling fed up and pounding on a treadmill isn’t your idea of fun right now, but if you can manage a little exercise, this is the time swimming works great for you, So go buy your self a maternity cozzie, and reap the benefits of swimming.

Shhhhh secret Mummy Tip

Invest in Trainers and a good sports bra. As pregnancy progresses buy a bump band to help you’re back with your ever-growing bump.

Have a look at our sister Blog – Style My Bump for our must have sports bra’s here.