Frequently asked questions for Bump & Me Application




How do I sync my due date with the Information given?

When you first download the app, Navigate your way to the Tools section and click on due date. You then have the option to find your due date with the scroll down option, choose your date and press save. Your information is stored therefore all information is now synced with your due date.

How do I sync the Bump & Me calendar with my Phone calendar?

Settings > Privacy > Calendar > Bump & Me > On

How do I delete names from my list in Baby Names section?

Find the name you wish to delete and with your finger just slide across the name, you will then have the option to DELETE.

Can I automatically call someone from my important numbers? and if so how?

Yes you can automatically call the person in your important numbers. Find the name you wish to call and click the box at the side of the name. You will then be redirected to speak to that person.

Is the information given by a medical profession?

No, and the information given is not intended to replace that of a doctor or midwife.

How do I share my baby progress information with Facebook?

Once you have downloaded Facebook on your phone, you have the option in the weekly and daily sections to share with your Facebook friends. The ‘F’ Icon in the top right of your page will allow you to post the info directly onto your Facebook.




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